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TrackMania Color Codes:

Pick a Color Code

To add a colour to your name simply put a $ followed by 3 numbers which
represent red, green and blue. A small selection can be seen below.

$FFF $CCC $999 $666 $333 $000 $FC0 $F90 $F60 $F30  
$9C0   $C90 $FC3 $FC6 $F96 $F63 $C30   $C03
$CF0 $CF3 $330 $660 $990 $CC0 $FF0 $CC0 $C63 $300 $600 $900 $C00 $F00 $F36 $F03
$9F0 $CF6 $9C3 $663 $993 $CC3 $FF3 $960 $930 $633 $933 $C33 $F33 $C36 $F69 $F06
$6F0 $9F6 $6C3 $690 $996 $CC6 $FF6 $963 $630 $966 $C66 $F66 $903 $C39 $F6C $F09
$3F0 $6F3 $390 $6C0 $9F3 $CC9 $FF9 $C96 $C60 $C99 $F99 $F39 $C06 $906 $F3C $F0C
$0C0 $3C0 $360 $693 $9C6 $CF9 $FFC $FC9 $F93 $FCC $F9C $C69 $936 $603 $C09 $303
$3C3 $6C6 $0F0 $3F3 $6F6 $9F9 $CFC   $C9C $969 $939 $909 $636 $606
$060 $363 $090 $393 $696 $9C9   $FCF $F9F $F6F $F3F $F0F $C6C $C3C
$030 $0C3 $063 $396 $6C9 $9FC $CFF $39F $9CF $CCF $C9F $96C $639 $306 $90C $C0C
$0F3 $3F6 $093 $0C6 $3F9 $9FF $9CC $06C $69C $99F $99C $93F $60C $609 $C3F $C0F
$0F6 $6F9 $3C6 $096 $6FF $6CC $699 $036 $369 $66F $66C $669 $309 $93C $C6F $90F
$0F9 $6FC $3C9 $3FF $3CC $399 $366 $069 $039 $33F $33C $339 $336 $63C $96F $60F
$0F0 $3FC $0FF $0CC $099 $066 $033 $39C $36C $00F $00C $009 $006 $003 $63F $30F
$0C9   $09C $3CF $6CF $69F $36F $03C   $36C
  $0CF $09F $06F $03F  

Basic Colors

$000: black
$f00: red
$0f0: green
$00f: blue
$ff0: yellow
$f80: orange
$f0f: pink
$0ff: light blue
$888: grey
$fff: white

Formatting the Text

$i: italic
$s: shadowed
$w: wide
$n: narrow
$m: normal
$g: default color
$z: reset all
$t: Changes the text to capitals
$$: Writes a dollarsign


Input: $iTrackmania$$—output: Trackmania$
Input: $wChicken———output: c h i c k e n

Color coding

Color codes are not that hard to use
Don’t worry, you’ll understand

ok, first, you need to know hex (Hexadecimal).
Hex is a value system where you can go over 10 using one number/letter.
Here are the values for all the hex numbers:


0 0
1 1
2 2
3 3
4 4
5 5
6 6
7 7
8 8
9 9
a 10
b 11
c 12
d 13
e 14
f 15

Thats the numerical system.
lets have a look at a normal color code:


As you can see, you have a dollar sign here too.
RGB, red, green and blue.
Its this simple:
Replace the R with the amount of red you want in the color using hex numbers.
Replace the G with the amount of green you want in the color using hex numbers.
Replace the B with the amount of blue you want in the color using hex numbers.

F is the most, and 0 is the least.
The closer to 0, the darker the color gets.
The closer to F, the brighter the color gets.

How to code a gradient:

If you want a gradient from red to blue, you have to decrease the red value, and increase the blue value for each letter.
For red: $f00
For blue: $00f

If you start with red, write the tags in this order (with the letters between):

Lower the value by 2 each time.
Of course you can use other colors as gradients, but it’s all about increasing and/or decreasing a value.

Linking an URL:



Input: $lhttp://www.ganjarider.nl/$l———output:

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